Aklan Arts and Crafts Society

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Who we are

We are a youth-serving organization composed of existing and potential Aklanon artists and craftsmen, aging from 15 to 40 years old. We were established in August 2022 and a member of the Provincial Youth Development Council of Aklan. In February 2023, we were registered in the Youth Organization Registration Program of the National Youth Commission.

Our organization shall pursue to plant SEED in the community.
Sustainability- To create sustainable opportunities through partnership and collaboration.
Educate- To conduct trainings and workshops.
Engage- To create events and projects to increase youth engagement.
Develop- To develop leaders and next-in-lines to continuously preserve the Aklanon culture.

We envision that AACS will be a prime partner in building the community by engaging the youth in the field of arts and crafts, aiming to prevent them from the influence of violence, drugs and criminality.

AACS will serve as a support system for both aspiring and existing artists and craftsmen, guiding them to create more sustainable and quality outputs. A safe space for the youth to freely express their creativity and artistry.

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